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Dr Who Regeneration Complete

I would be lying if I called myself a Dr Who fan. In fact I don't think Ive really got into Dr Who properly since the David Tennant dynasty (which some would dispute was the best doctor) so imagine my shock when I hear the news that Jodie Whittaker is to become the new Doctor Who as the first female Dr in the franchise. At least, I was initially shocked at first like everyone else but then came the obvious and uncomfortable truth......I think I'm okay with it. Maybe its because I come from outside the Dr Who fandom and unchanged by it all. I mean I don't even know who the Dr's apprentice is currently which just shows my knowledge of the series. That being said I would like to think I know a thing or two about casting decisions and this one seems pretty spot on. I personally would feel more outrage from a non British actor portraying the Doctor. Maybe Im biased but I just feel Dr Who should always remain a British property.

On the subject of whether or not a woman can portray the Doctor I say lets give her a shot. I am in no way a fan of feminist pandering by any means but I feel this was going to be an inevitable change regardless of what the fans wanted. The fans originally didnt want David Tennant to go, and we all know what happened there. There are however two ways this can go. We can all hope she is just going to be the same old doctor but with a feminine voice, the same cunning, knowledge and strong attributes the Dr always had. Or we can go the pandering route and have the first episode where the doctor spray paints the tardis pink and "girl power" is her slogan from now on. But lets hope it doesn't come to that. I believe the fans deserve better. At the end of the day the success of Dr Who is and always has been all down to the quality of the writing. Far too often I see films attempt to write a strong character be it male or female and just have them pumping iron or throwing a few punches whilst completely missing the point. An odd comparison but Game of Thrones has some of the strongest female characters on screen and yet the only female characters on the show I can recall even pick up a sword is Aria and Brienne of Tarth and even those scenes are few and far between. Obviously the two shows are worlds apart but the point is still the same. Get the writing down in a believable and realistic way and the character will change along with it. No one would notice on the sex change if the writing was done with respect to the character and not just put in there as a political message. Because come on, aren't we all completely burnt out by politics right now. Who needs that getting in the way of some creative and enjoying content.