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Audio Tech Review

I am unfortunately not the best when it comes to audio synching, audio mixing or just flat out audio in general. It has always been that one part of the filmmaking process that has let me down. So it was an absolute breath of fresh air to discover a music creation platform that not only lets you download fantastic music tracks to use within your projects but also to have separate files of that tracks instruments to copy, splice together and customise that track however you like it.

I can tell you I was amazed at just how easy it was to use and how incredibly addicting it is to create numerous tracks seamlessly with endless possibilities. I have made a draft version of a track I recently created through it that you can listen to below. I have changed and added to it many times over the course of the last few days and to tell you the truth, I'm not finished yet. I had to force myself to stop changing and editing it even further because I wanted to get this review out before the weekend.

I strongly urge anyone who wants to feel like John Williams for a day visit Final Cut Pro Audio and have a listen at some of their various different creations and templates, all of which is customisable when you download! As you can tell from my audio file I have something of a strings and piano concerto bias but it doesn't just stop there. From guitar solos and electronic tempos to background ambience and even vocals, you will be hard pressed not to find a selection of music that doesn't fit the style or mood you are trying to capture in your film. Even tracks that I personally felt I would have no real use for I then started thinking of the many possibilities I could re create instead using the same instruments in different sections of the track.

Once you purchase a music category you will be given a few different tracks to use at the ready (this is good if your not feeling particularly creative and just want a good track right now to use) however it also comes bundled with all the instruments and also a long, medium and short version of each track for comparison. As its a relatively new website new tracks are being updated and added to the site regularly so its comforting to know that its not just a one time only deal. 

And speaking of a one time only deal, once you purchase the license to that particular stack of royalty free music tracks you get to keep hold of that license for a lifetime rather than having to go back and pay just to rent the license which I have seen some sites doing. So essentially once you've bought it you've bought it. No more hassle just download, plug in and edit.

So after singing its praises does the site have any flaws, well yes and although I personally think its just nitpicking I can see why some people would get turned away. As the name suggests this is predominantly a platform for Final Cut Pro users so unfortunately Adobe editors won't be able to benefit from this which Im sure they will try to rectify that in the future. Another nitpick would be the price. At £29.99 to some it may seem a stretch for just one bundle of tracks out of many but also bear in mind this is a lifetime license. Think how much you would otherwise spend on a temporary license that you keep coming back to.

To help with the cost I am offering a 33% discount to one of the many soundstacks to choose from. Be sure to preview them first and check out the website before making a purchase.

To receive your discount simply head on over to fcpaudio.com and type OLLY33 when you are asked to provide a valid discount code on checkout.


Now if you'll excuse me I have some music to create.